Brad Sprague

Life and Leadership Coach


Calling Contribution Legacy


Living The Life You Were Meant To Live


Bringing Who You Are To What You Do


Brad’s Story

Prior to his current role in SummitTrek Brad launched and developed a thriving landscape business in Fort Worth. Brad and Marty have served in various ministries.

In 1994, Brad’s life and ministry were changed forever when introduced to Tom Paterson, a leading expert in strategic planning. Tom introduced Brad to the Strategic LifePlanning process and later Brad was trained in the Strategic Planning process.

Brad was trained and mentored in the Focusing Leaders process when part of CRM which has been used with leaders throughout the world. Brad also has extensive experience in designing leadership constructs.

Brad and Marty moved to Tulsa in September 2009 to start SummitTrek Executive Coaching. Tulsa is their home now, and they love their work, friends, and church, though they greatly miss their three young adult children and close friends in Southern California.

Brad has nineteen years of working  leaders. Brad has worked with thousands of leaders through coaching, and facilitating leadership groups, training facilitators/coaches and leading intensive retreats.

Brad is a LifePlan and StrategicPlan facilitator, and is a Birkman consultant and was trained as an EMyth Business Coach. For couples Brad developed the LegacyPlan Retreat, which helps couples draft a legacy statement and make commitments to finish well in their marriages.

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Helping leaders to live out their calling, contribution and legacy.


1. Who you are- Bring who you are to what you do, this is true convergence.

2. Discovery- what you discover you own, what you own, you are committed to.

3. Transformation- facilitating and coaching real sustainable change that leads to transformation.

4. Empowered- to empower leaders with best practice tools and resources.

5. Legacy- make a contribution that lasts and glorifies God.


Helping leaders clarify their call, contribution and legacy through group and individual coaching.

Call, Contribution, Legacy