EMyth Business Coaching (limited to 6 clients) 

Business Owners and Leaders of Non-Profits who want sustainable change, growth and profitability for the organizations they lead

Included: two one-hour coaching calls per month with Brad, email availability, access to the complete EMyth Library of over 50 core business building processes, and access to the EMyth Coach Team


Business $1500 a month

Please download:

The EMyth Roadmap

Seven Dynamics

EMyth Business Workshop

Watch for the next one-half day workshop on Brand Commitment

Strategic Enterprise

2 day off site strategic plan development along with team assessment, preretreat assignments, three quarterly one-half day plan updates with implementation team)


Business 16K

Ministry 12K

Download the StrategicPlan Process

Birkman 360 – Who are you when everyone is looking?

The Birkman 360 is used to measure 9 core competencies executives need most. The evaluations are secured through anonymous online responses to questions from peers, direct reports, board members and others you might want to include.

Executive: $750

Pastor:  $550

Download the Birkman 360 Sample