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Spiritual Formation Plan


EMyth Business Coaching

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Birkman 360

Right Seat

Time and Energy Management

Rest and Replenishment

Navigating Transition

Crucial Conversations

Uncovering my Passions

Working out of my Unique Abilities

Effective Time Management

Setting and Accomplishing Goals

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Are you in a personal transition?


A two-day holistic process that helps you gain God’s perspective on your story, clarifies your purpose, values and vision and results in one-year goals and action steps personally, professionally and spiritually. 

Ministry Leaders $1750

Executives $2500


Sept 13-15, 27-29

Oct 25-27

Nov 22-24

Dec 6-8

Are you in a marriage transition?


A two-day intensive for couples that helps couples finishing well in marriage, live on the same page, and develop a God honoring legacy that they can begin implementing.

Couples $2750 includes the two day retreat and three months of implementation coaching with Brad.

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Are you in a spiritual transition?

Spiritual Formation Plan 

A two-day intensive for individuals to gain perspective on your spiritual journey, understand how you best connect with God, identify your spiritual longings, and craft a spiritual formation plan for the next year. 

Ministry and Business Leaders $1750


Sept 13-15, 27-29

Oct 25-27

Nov 22-24

Dec 6-8

Business Coaching

EMyth Business Coaching (limited to 6) 

Business Owners who want sustainable change, growth and profitability for the organizations they lead

Included: two one-hour coaching calls per month with Brad, email availability, access to the complete EMyth Library of over 50 core business building processes, and access to the EMyth Coach Team

Please download the EMyth Roadmap

EMyth Business Workshop

Next Event

Oct 15th – 8:30 – 1:00

Bass Pro Shop- Uncle Bucks Conference Room

Registration $295  

Early Registration Discount $245 by Sept 15th

Topic- “Turning Frustrations into Solutions”


EMyth materials 

Continental Breakfast and Lunch

A follow-up one-hour implementation coaching call with Brad 

Contact Brad to register


Executive & Key Management Team -25k

2 day off site retreat with 6 months of team and executive implementation coaching

October 1-2

November 5-6

Birkman 360 – Who are you when everyone is looking?

The Birkman 360 is used to measure 9 core competencies executives need most. The evaluations are secured through anonymous online responses to questions from peers, direct reports, board members and others you might want to include.

Executive $750

Pastor.  $650

Talent Insight

Hiring process- the best hiring tool available

Team collaboration- the right people, doing the right work, with the right relationships.

For more information please download the Talent Insight Presentation

SummitTrek Ministry Leaders

A one-year leadership coaching intensive using the best practices of: all day leadership group, individual coaching and two Intensive retreats.

Please download the SummitTrek Ministry brief

Kingdom Circle Lunch

A luncheon to facilitate the connecting of business and ministry leaders to learn better how to advance God’s Kingdom.

Next Luncheon

September 10th   $20

Bass Pro- Broken Arrow

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Coaching Intensives

Six-hour Intensives – $650

Right Seat-  getting into the right seat in your career that allows to work in line with your passions, unique abilities and bring your greatest contribution to the organization in which you work. 

(The Birkman Personality & Career Assessment is included)

Rest & Replenishment keeping your emotional, spiritual and physical tank full is essential. You will create a replenishment cycle unique to you and a plan to restore Sabbath rest in your life.

Navigating Transitions– You will know where you are in the transition phases and develop intentional plan to move you forward personally and professionally.

Spiritual Formation understanding the experiences that have most shaped you spiritually, creating a spiritual longing statement, understanding how you best connect with God and creating a spiritual formation growth plan are the outcomes of this process.

Crucial Conversations– you will develop the tools and understanding so you can stay in conversations with people important in your life, when these conversations are emotionally charged, the stakes are high and the outcomes are crucial.

Uncovering Your Passions – Passion creates motivation and staying power. So what are your passions? O am referring to your interest passions, people passions and cause passions. All of these passions are essential in the work, ministries and hobbies you engage in.

Unique Abilities – What are your natural gifts and abilities? Understanding these is crucial to really being good at what you do. We will look at achievement stories in your life and a new tool called the Talent Insight which synthesizes the three best gift , personality and behavior assessments used in the marketplace. 

Time Management- creating the ideal week and month using the focus, free and buffer day principles along with incorporating your five most important priorities. In this intensive we will identify your five highest payoff activities in your vocation.

Setting Goals – hoe to set goals that get accomplished in your personal, professional and spiritual domains that are SMART and which create confidence and competence in you